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Your First Metal Band ??
metalmaiden Wrote:iron maiden... specifically their album "number of the beast". after that, i became a metalhead.
same here i got the tape and still play it alot to this day iron maiden rules
as i lay dying (if that counts) it was their album an ocean between us
I'm not at all a metal fan... I remember pretending to like some of that (nonsense) back in seventh grade. I liked some Avenged Sevenfold back in the day. It sounds terrible to me now. That was pretty much my first and only, though.
I used to listen to Megadeth and Metallica in middle school. but what did it for me in the metal Was Iron Maiden really, in that duration though I was into Dying Fetus and Lamb of God!
It was Metallica, many years ago
My first taste of REAL metal was Iron Maiden's "Piece of Mind". I was playing in a hard rock cover band at the time and my girlfriend thought that I'd dig Maiden because I leaned towards the heavier stuff we covered. I was hooked immediately.

I was into rock and hard rock prior to that; Asia, Rush, Whitesnake, Cinderella, etc.

I still love Maiden and other metal from Kamelot to Angra, but I still also get into my hard rock / progressive rock bands i.e. Queensryche, Triumph, Styx, etc.
Iron Maiden. It was 1988 and the album was Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. I still consider it a classic.
goth metal raver Wrote:Iron Maiden. It was 1988 and the album was Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. I still consider it a classic.

That's actually my favorite Maiden album! Good choice.

can't remember but it may have been Demon or Diamond Head

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