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Your First Metal Band ??
Well Metallica and Slayer of course but the first band that started me on the road to a little more obscure bands was Burzum(not its their very obscure), on the advice of a terrifying skinhead.
Actually it was Paradise Lost - from which I started interest in metal music. It was their song "Forever Failure". Yes, I knew Metallica before, but everything started after Paradise Lost.
I think that the first metal I ever heard was Strapping Young Lad, at which point my head and eardrums nearly exploded.
the first band for me was Pantera Smile
Scorpions .. lol
Have to say Guns n Roses. Paradise City was the coolest thing I'd ever heard at age 12 Smile
It was Slayer. Reign in blood was my very first album purchase! At the time, it was a cassette. I remember the album was repeated on both side! I ended up loving Slayer, I bought all first 6 albums; I never followed them further; I don't know why, it's one of the only band I don't listen to anymore. I never bought my cassettes in CD, like I did with Metallica.
metallica because my parents didnt let me listen to rock when i was younger
My first metal band was Iron Maiden!!! Thought it was the best thing since sliced bread!! Metallica shortly took over and have been my favourite band ever since!! Both amazing live and doin well for their ages also!!!
Metallica do seem to be a big favourite band. Even I like some of their stuff...

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