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Blue Eyed Boy
I shall and I know that people may or may not like it, it's just I never use my own material I get embarrassed, but i shall
The fear of success is greater than the fear of failure. And if you do have 'success' (whatever that means) with your material, don't ever lose your perspective. End of sermon. Over and out.
Okay thankyou Smile reckon you should be like a new age mr mayagi (karate kid dude) just only for music
Fame at last! Unfortunately I can only be an old age mr whatever. You, however, can do whatever you want - don't waste the time. It slips away faster than you think. Keep on writing and keep on trying. I wish you well....
I may have to remind you once more that age is just one of those numbers and your actually very young inside so stop feeling like an old fogie :L and thankyou muchly. . .live long and prosper

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