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Did anyone think that 'Escala' from Britain's Got Talent should have won the final yesterday? Classy and talented babes.
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Anthony :coffee:
I've never watched the program, Anthony. I find these programs Showbizzy & depressing. Simon Cowell may be very successful, but I think he has no integrity whatsoever.

It's a bit like Eurovision to me, seems to be more about making a fast buck, than about music. Of course everyone is entitled to enjoy whatever light TV they like, I must be having a grouchy day.

Escala, from what I've heard are quality musicians, so what must they have felt being in competition with a break dancer, and a girl with a dancing dog ??
ambernector Wrote:Did anyone think that 'Escala' from Britain's Got Talent should have won the final yesterday? Classy and talented babes.

ABSOLUTELY and unequivocally, YES! Escala should have won hands down! Forget the fact that they're all babes... Their music and showmanship was totally astounding, and so totally and refreshingly original. Their stage presence was also the most intense that I've ever witnessed, in-my-life!

I first saw them in the movie, "XXX - State of the Union" and was blown-away by their music. I was really frustrated when I couldn'd find ANY credits for them at the end of the movie; there were none! I've been wondering for over a year who they were, and was delighted to finally find them on "Britain's Got Talent!"

I agree with Simon Cowell when he said, "They've turned classical music upside-down." If someone doesn't sign them to a recording contract and promote them, that someone is a fool. They truly are WORLD CLASS!

Nice response. :coffee: I didn't know did a performance in XXX - State of the Union. This is something I would like to check out.

Sadly, since the show I haven't heard or seen any further developments from them. But watch this space, I am sure there is an industry waiting for them.
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Anthony :coffee:
I searched the net and found this site, which says:

Escala To Land Record Deal With Sony BMG

The site is:

According to the site, Simon Cowell is taking a really big interest in their future!

KUDOS for Simon Cowell... not such a bad guy afterall!


I apologize, because under further observation, the String Quartet in "XXX-State of the Union" was not Escala as I originally stated. They did, however, play the same number Escala used in their audition and the finals on BGT, though at a faster tempo.

Anyway, it all still led to my discovering Escala for myself, and I look forward to purchasing their first CD and eventually seeing them on tour, here in the U.S.

They've been on a couple of football and other sports adverts on sky...That's the only thing I've seen them on since BGT tho. I think they're fab. Like you said, absolutely phenomenal stage presence!
Like many acts, with time and perhaps not much money. They have disappeared. I have not seen anything recently regarding them.
With Regards...

Anthony :coffee:

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