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Neil Young 2000 onwards
firstly, i hope you have got a good insight into the recording career of Neil Young up to this point :confused:, this one will follow the same format :nod:.

in this section of Neil young's career we will analyse his "millenium" albums, including the one he recorded with Booker T & The MG's as his studio band,three conceptual albums, his personal health issues with a brain aneurysm :eek: and the classic album "prairie wind" that preceeded it, his induction into the "rock n roll hall of fame" and his first ever Grammy award Cool.
[Image: 51AlJ4vOm%2BL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

NEIL YOUNG "silver and gold" 2000, #22 US, #10 UK, #35 AU

this album was my introduction to Neil Young, it was recommended to me by a member an old music forum, "music365", of which i was a member back around 98-00, until it closed down, from this one i went to his triple set "decade" which blew me away, then "harvest" and the rest is history.
four of the tracks demo'd for this one ended up on the CSNY "looking foreward" album in the previous thread, the remaining ten tracks became this album on which Linda Ronstadt provides backing vocals.
surprisingly, the album opens up with a 'positive' sounding country/folk track entitled "good to see you" followed by five other really good songs that are equally positive by nature...a rarity for NY IMO.
the stand out track here is the reminiscing "buffalo springfield again" track in which NY looks back on the 'fonder times' of working with BS back in the 1960s, unfortunately, from track seven throught o the end the album dives completely into mind numbingly boring songs full of repeatition,its by no means a great Ny album but it did introduce me to his material other than the four of five tracks that radio play, and for that i am grateful i "saw the light".



1. good to see you*** audio
2. silver and gold** audio
3. daddy went a walkin*** live
4. buffalo springfield again*** live
5. the great divide**
6. horseshoe man**
7. red sun*
8. distant camera*
9. razor love*
10.without rings*


rating: 1.8
I am amazed with your knowledge of Neil Young considering you first discovered his music only 12 years or so ago. Great Job, Crazy-Horse ....... well done mate!
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
SteveO Wrote:I am amazed with your knowledge of Neil Young considering you first discovered his music only 12 years or so ago. Great Job, Crazy-Horse ....... well done mate!

thanks for the kind comments SteveO.
i have known NY tracks,mainly, Heart of gold,old man,four strong winds,rockin in the free world,hey hey my my, long may you run.....the usual radio songs for as long as i can remember,but "silver and gold" was my first album in 2000.
but im a bit of an obsessive when i find someone i love....obsessive from the point of view that i need to read, learn as much as i can about the artist as soon as possible...but at the same time i am not totally "biased", with NY you can see from my ratings that not everything is good and not every album is listenable.
Paul Weller is different as i grew up listening to The Jam,the same goes for The Finn Brothers(split enz,crowded house and solo), and to a lesser extent Paul mcCartney(im an amateur compared to Gryphon with Macca though)
[Image: 519lPF151RL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

NEIL YOUNG "are you passionate?" 2002, #10 US, #24 UK, #45 AU

i may not like every shift through genres that NY makes, but i certainly like this one, i never used to, but it is one of those albums that grows upon the listener like his jazz/blues outing with The Bluenotes in the 1980s. only this time he moves into "soul" territory with some help from Booker T & the MG's.
Crazy Horse also manage a gig on this one on one solitary track-"goin' home"...a good CH rocker.
the album's lyrics mainly deal with Young's own outlook of his middle,children growing up,regrets etc, the opening track is a beautiful love song for his daughter Amber and set the whole scene for the entire album bar one solitary track. that track is "let's roll" for which his inspiration was the cell call made by one of the passengers on the 9/11 attacks to his loved one as they overpowered the terrorists to ditch their hijacked plane into a field, even though it is full of those horrible cliches like "we're going after Satan on the wings of a dove": "you gotta face it down" etc it still fits in with the concept of the song.
the most unusual track here is the 'spoken word' "mr.dissapointment"...well worth a listen just to here Young doing something completely different.
this is a fine album of genuine soul music with help from The MG's.
sorry about the lack of links again, but the ones provided are good performances



1. you're my girl***
2. mr.dissapointment**
3. differently** live
4. quit (dont say you love me)***
5. let's roll**
6. are you passionate?* live
7. goin' home*** live
8. when i hold you in my arms***
9. be with you***
10.two old friends** live
11.she's a healer*


rating: 2.2
[Image: 61eeiBikzTL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE "greendale" 2003. #22 US, #24 UK

a Neil Young "concept" album, detailing life in a small fictional US town narrating the days up to the shooting killing of a cop and the various responses from locals,both sides of the famillies involves and the media attention surrounding it all....sounds quite boring???? it was initially but if you get the cd/dvd version you get all the tracks interlinking with NY & CH playing live in the studio whilst watching the videos on a screen.
as with most concept albums the tracks have no life outside of the album, the exceptions being the final two tracks "sun green" and "be the rain".
the music is still the usual rough/gritty/raw sound of Crazy Horse but in a slightly subdued sound to let the lyrics and vocals become the centre of the album. the vocals are half sung and half spoken to convey the feeling of what is going on in the story.
again, when Young toured this album solo with just his acoustic guitar fans were confused and bewildered, he would introduce each track with lengthy introductions to convey the message of the song prior to comencing the tune.
although not a great album it is good and im sure with time this will prove to be one of his forgotten masterpieces.
again...lack of links????!!!!



1. falling from above**
2. double E**
3. devils sidewalk**
4. leave the driving**
5. carmichael**
6. bandit*** live
7. grandpa's interview**
8. bringing down dinner**
9. sun green*** the rain**


rating: 2.1
^ I know Greendale wasn't critically well received, but I quite like it as well. I read somewhere that everyone entered the studio without knowing anything about the content, and that NY was writing overnight so that the songs and their characters were evolving organically during the recording.

Works quite well for me.
"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture"

you could well be correct with the writing overnight and CH not knowing about the content because there is a bit on the dvd version where Young is getting pissed off with the drummer not staying in sync with what he is playing.
i do know that the follow up "prairie wind" that those tracks were written each night in the hotel and recorded the next yes, that is a possibility Tiggi....thanks for the info!
[Image: 51Aa7xpr3EL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

NEIL YOUNG "prairie wind" 2005, cd. #11 US, #22 UK, #46 Aust.

this album is Neil Young playing to his strengths,nothing experimental or out of left-field in sight!
this album is in my top three NY albums of all time, the others,"after the goldrush", "harvest moon"...closely followed by "living with war".
the inspiration for this one was the recent death of his father from Dementia and Neil's own brain operation thanks to an aneurysm. these two events culminated in NY thinking about his own eventual mortality. the songs within, are retrospective looks at his own childhood and formative years and memories of stories his father told him.
the album was written and recorded in ten days in Nashville,not that you'd know it by the quality of the tracks, with Neil going back to his hotel room each night and delivering a new song to the band the following morning.
apart from the retrospective tracks,"here for you" is a beautiful love song for his daughter(Amber Jean) who was about to leave home to attend college, "he was the king" is a lighthearted tribute to Elvis Presley, and most surprisingly there is a religious song here, "when God made me", maybe facing mortality NY discovered God and began asking questions about his life, whatevcer the reason, this is one of the best songs he has ever committed to album.
the music on the album moves sweetly, as NY puts it: "like a breeze over the Canadian prairies", having not been to Canada i cannot comment, but if this is so...guess where i'd like to go.


worst track: this old guitar
best track: "it's a dream" & "when God made me"


1. the painter***
2. no wonder*** audio
3. falling off the face of the earth*** live
4. far from home***
5. it's a dream*** audio
6. prairie wind***
7. here for you***
8. this old guitar** audio
9. he was the king** live
10.when God made me*** live


rating 2.8
[Image: 511cc56JVFL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

NEIL YOUNG "living with war" 2006 #15 US, #14 UK, #46 Aust.

Neil Young is not right or left wing in his political beliefs, he takes each issue as he sees it, back in '02 he was praising the armed intervention after 9/11, but now after thousands of Americans have died as a result of armed combat in the mid-east he now champions the other ugly side of war....and he's not afraid to let his thoughts on the matter be censored or become sugar coated.Young is at his best when he records like this, maybe not always song wise but certainly feel and emotion wise. theres a definate feel of urgancy and anger in these songs, something which never there in an album that takes weeks or months to produce, the idea was to get his thoughts out as soon as possible incase he had another aneurysm which could leave him unable to communicate anymore, im pretty sure George W hoped the latter would have happened as with this album, his solo tour and the "deja vu-living with war" CSNY tour he helped consolidate anti sentiment and public support to bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanastan.
there is even a mention of Obama being "the one" in "lookin for a leader" and on the dvd version of the album his band members are asking him who he is...Neil explains who Obama is, so he is obviously not ignorant when it comes to knowing who his polititions are.
there is also another version of this cd called "living with war-in the beginning" which is the bare tracks without all the backing vocals which is a good companion the album and includes the bonus dvd of the making of the album.
the album is full of songs denouncing "dubya" and sympathy for the soldiers and their families, regardless of your political persuasions this album has the lyrical content to move the most ardent Dubya supporters(MH included??). all the video links here are 'official' NY videos
all-in-all one of the best albums of Young's up and down career. well worth picking up a copy IMO.


1. after the garden** video
2. living with war*** video
3. the restless consumer** video
4. shock and awe*** audio
5. families***
6. flags of freedom*** video
7. let's impeach the president*** video
8. lookin for a leader*** video
9. roger and out**
10.america the beautiful**


rating: 2.6

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