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Neil Young 2000 onwards
Bro C-H--If you have to pick 1 horse to ride your whole life, you sure picked a good one in Neil Young. In the Top 5 creators in our lifetime.
A man accustomed to hear only the echo of his own sentiments, soon bars all the common avenues of delight, and has no part in the general gratification of mankind--Dr. Johnson
What he said. Amen, Bro--JazzboCR
SteveO Wrote:Yes indeed! Crazy mate has a genuine love for Neil...great reviews! I probably asked this before but I'll ask it again...Crazy mate,have you seen Neil live?

I've seen him twice...

Solo,just him and his guitar and
With Crazy Horse...

I believe he is heading out on a world tour next year with a band doing career spanning shows....
But knowing what he's like with changing his mind at the drop of a hat,who knows???
[Image: 220px-Psychedelicpillcover.jpg]

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE "psychadelic pill" 2012. #8 US, #28 AU, #14 UK, #7 CAN

Neil's thirty-second solo album(not counting soundtracks,CSNY,Buffalo Springfield,Stills-Young Band,live and compilations)....
its also his fourth album in just three years,his second of 2012 with Crazy Horse....
"americana"(the previous covers album) was just the warm up for this one...
theres nine tracks on this double cd, three of which pass the sixteen minute mark, the opener "driftin' back" lasts a staggering twenty-seven minutes...
that one starts off nice and acoustic, then builds into an extended jam with Young muttering stupid lines in an attempt to self promote his then autobiography and his digital music system 'pono'....the track is bad really, it just goes on for about twenty minutes too long...
"walk like a giant", another sixteen minutes long is a lament into how his peace-loving/hippie generation failed to 'change the world' it actually sounds like he is refering to buffalo Springfield and CSNY inparticular....
the other lengthy track "ramada inn" recalls his younger years in love,whether he is talking about his wife Peggi or someone else isnt clear, but it doesnt matter...
all of the above tracks are okay, they are just way too lengthy overall....
then theres the title track...its as it is, very psychadelic with plenty of swirling loops and vocal distortions on the first version(theres two versions on the album), the second version is pretty much a standard straight foreward CH song, i prefer this one.
other tracks on this one appear to self promote his autobiography "waging heavy peace" also...
i guess writing your life story at the same time brings back memories and the obvious subject matter for songs so we cant really knock him for that...
melodies and tunes on here are pretty run of the mill stuff, nothing really exciting, and nothing that would stand up alongside his great albums.


worst track: driftin' back
bes track: born in ontario


1. driftin' back * video
2. psychadelic pill * video
3. ramada inn * video
4. born in ontario *** video
5. twisted road *** video
6. she's always dancing * video
7. for the love of man ** video
8. walk like a giant * video
9. psychadelic pill(alternate version) ** audio


rating: 1.6
[Image: 220px-Neil_Young_A_Letter_Home.jpg]

NEIL YOUNG "a letter home" cd, 2014.....#12 US...#17 CAN...#17 UK...#46 AU

Neil's thirty-third solo album(not counting soundtracks,CSNY,Buffalo Springfield,Stills-Young Band,live and compilations)....
and incidently, his fifth studio set in five years....
and too be honest the music world could have done with not having the last three plus this one....
so Neil was down in Nashville and he popped into Jack White's Third Man Records recording studio and White had one of those
old personal recording booths which he refurbished and set up in the front room of the studio....
while Neil was in there a kid was in the booth recording a cover o one of Neil's songs, either "heart of gold" or "old man" from memory...
when the kid was finished Neil stuck his head in the booth and told him it was cool, the kid dint recognise him....LOL,
so Young came up with the idea to literally record a whole album in the booth, the songs would be old country and folky tunes that he loved
through various stages of his career...
the problem with these booths from the 1940s/50s is that the sound quality was not great and the sound would and in or out often for no reason...
but Young being Young got it in his head to do it and so he did.....
the result is a terrible sounding album of fade ins/fade outs, poor quality sound with tinny little bass, thus no depth at all....
I believe that had the songs have been recorded in a proper studio with a little bit of production and polish this may have been an okay sounding album,
as it is we have what is arguably one of the worst sounding albums of the digital age, that said though, I can sort of see where Young was coming from.
it was his way of saying a big 'f##k you' to the compressed sounds you get from iTunes and ipod downloads, it was also his way of taking music back to the basics
and stripped down, but like I said, there are better ways to do it, but I guess, when you do it on a whim (which is really what it was) then you cant expect results!
theres not many clips available for this one...and I really don't wonder why...LOL


worst track: girl from the north country
best track: crazy


1...a letter home - intro * audio
2...changes *
3...girl from the north country * video
4...needle to death * video
5...early morning rain **
6...crazy **
7...reason to believe *
8...on the road again *
9...I you could read my mind ** audio
10.since I met you baby * hometown * video
12.i wonder if I care as much *


rating: 1.2
[Image: 220px-Neil_Young_-_Storytone.jpg]

NEIL YOUNG "storytone" 2014: #13 US...#46 AU...#20 UK

lots of songs of lost love and new love on this one plus a couple of environmental type songs...
lost love being the divorce from his 35+ year marriage to wife Peggi
and new love dedicated to his newly found girlfriend actress Darryl Hannah...
three versions of the album exist,
the original single disc which contains orchestrations, band and big band/jazz versions of the songs...
the deluxe version which includes a second disc made up of primarily Neil's solo versions of the same tracks (guitar/harmonica and piano versions)...
the third version of the album was title "mixed pages of storytone" which has a combination of tracks from the deluxe version...
I haven't heard the mixed pages version but its probably the best versions of each disc, which is how I find the deluxe version,
ie: some are better as solo songs, others sound better with the orchestrations/band to me...
its also interesting to note that with each version of the album Neil re-recorded his vocals on each occasion instead of just adding a prerecorded
vocal track...
all tracks were recorded live in one take (obviously there were rehearsals)...
theres nothing great on this album, but there is also nothing really bad that I do not like it,
its a consistant album from start to finish and probably his best in quite a while...
the links im posting are for the original album versions of the songs...


worst track: I want to drive my car
best track: im glad I found you


1...plastic flowers (orchestral) **
2...who's gonna stand up? (orchestral) **
3...I want to drive my car (band) **
4...glimmer (orchestral) **
5...say hello to Chicago (big band) **
6...tumbleweed (orchestral) ** you used to do (band) ** glad I found you (orchestral) **
9...when I watch you sleeping (orchestral) **
10.all those dreams (orchestral) **


rating: 2.0

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