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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: 51GFu1VUCuL._AC_US218_.jpg]

PETER, PAUL & MARY "the best of"  vinyl, 1967:

these guys(and gal) are up there with The Seekers for sure not only in terms
of harmonies but their choice of songs and the fact theres two guys and one superb 
female vocalist....
some of my favourite artists were part of that folk scene (Byrds, Mamas & Papas etc...)
superb album, but I need to update to cd at some point....

[Image: 220px-Willie_Nelson_-_God%27s_Problem_Child.jpg]

WILLIE NELSON "God's problem child"  cd,  2017:

apt title because I'm sure Willie was God's problem child more times than he can remember, LMAO....
songs are set in a purely country genre on this album...
theres a tribute to fallen friend Merle Haggard (he wont ever be gone), his views on the 2016 US elections
in "delete and fast forward". but mostly theyre songs about life's regrets, love lost and love songs in general...
album supposedly contains the last recorded performance by Leon Russell who supplied backing vocals to a couple of
another very good album from Mr Nelson...

I think that after many decades of failures with women that Willie may just have worked them out
with this, one of the most beautiful songs  he has ever written...
even Jerome will love this one IMO!

[Image: 51PITQq8EfL._AC_US218_.jpg]

SLIM DUSTY "where country is"  cd,  1981:

Aah!, real country....
Aussie country singer, really known outside of his homeland, but loved and respected in Lancaster, Ky....
Slim's fifty-second studio album of one hundred and six during his six decade career...
traditional country on here as youd have gathered from the opening line...
the guy was as good as anyone in the game...
a good album...
as a footnote, one of his compilation albums has just spent its 1000th week on the Aussie Country Albums chart...


worst track: mack
best track: where country is


1....G'day Blue **
2....dinkum bushman's hands **
3....where country is ***
4....the big wet is over ***
5....mack ** place on Earth like Australia ** truckie's epitaph **
8....the bogong **
9....the ocker **
10..inigo jones (indigo jones) **
11.Redford **
12.big yabbies from the creek **

3s = 2
2s = 10
1s = 0

rating: 2.1
[Image: 61C+siQGmsL._AC_US218_.jpg]

STEVEN TYLER "we're all somebody from somewhere" cd, 2016:

debut solo set from the Aerosmith frontman....
filled with Americana, country, and touches of southern rock...
wasn't keen on it when it came out but I bought it anyway knowing (hoping)
it would grow on me, and it has....
reached #1 on the US Country charts, top 20 on the regular US charts and low
chart positions in Canada (#21) and Australia #37....
two pointless covers on here that just don't make sense to me, even though I like them,
and they are Janis' "piece of my heart" and his former band's "Janie's got a gun"...
would love to hear this guy collaborate with Kid Rock at some point, I think they'd
really rock out together doing that Southern/Redneck Rock type stuff


worst track: what am I doing right
best track: gypsy girl

tracks: own worst enemy **
2....we're all somebody from somewhere ***
3....hold on ** aint easy ** is your name **
6....I make my own sunshine **
7....gypsy girl ***
8....somebody new ***
9....only human *
10..the good, the bad, the ugly and me **, white and you *
12..sweet Louisiana *
13..what am I doing right *
14..Janie's got a gun **
15..piece of my heart **

3s = 3
2s = 8
1s = 4

rating: 2.0

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