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Shawn Phillips - Faces - not really a 'folk' album as such but it is folky in parts. First introduced to this guy by one Karen Frakenfeld in high school. Album belonged to her brother if I remember correctly. A masterpiece. Some samples
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
I have his "second contribution" album which I believe came courtesy of you some time ago Jerome, that is a good album
I vote for Furthermore

^Love "Breathrough" from that album. So many gorgeous songs from various albums - can't choose just one exclusively. Second Contribution, Faces, Furthermore and Rumpelstiltskin's Resolve all having a lot to offer IMHO.
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
[Image: Bornyesterdayeverly.jpg]

THE EVERLY BROTHERS  "born yesterday" vinyl, 1986:

twentieth studio set of twenty-one for the brothers Everly...
some country,crossover country, easy listening, soft rock, Americana on this one...
they do a respectable cover of Knopfler's "why worry" on here...
only one track written by the duo and that's my least favourite track...
a pleasant enough album overall...
their harmonies are still spot on and they still have the magic even though their glory
years are behind them...


worst track: born yesterday
best track: Amanda Ruth


1....Amanda Ruth ***
2....I know love **
3....born yesterday *
4....these shoes *
5....arms of Mary **
6....that uncertain feeling **
7....thinkin' 'bout you **
8....why worry **
9....abandoned love **
10..dont say goodnight **
11..always driving a Cadillac ** send me *

3s - 1
2s - 8
1s - 3

rating: 1.8
[Image: 514Cx4g8mhL._AC_US218_.jpg]

SLIM DUSTY "the man who steadies the lead" cd, 1980...

Aussie Slim's forty-eighth album of one hundred and eighteen...
vintage country as always...
songs of the land, the people and the life of those that live it...
one song I don't like on here, has nothing to do with the melody, tune or
story but what opens it...yodelling, sorry but anything that contains yodelling
is a no go place for me regardless of who does it...
favourite track is about a man who goes for a job interview only to find himself
interviewed by a young guy who was not born when the old guy was already working back in the day...
I find his albums always seem to score roughly the same mark which
shows the consistent mature of his recordings...


worst song: plains of peppimenarti
best track: an independent bloke


1....the man who steadies the lead **
2....leave him in the longyard ***
3....dreaming **
4....the foxleigh rodeo *** im easy ** independent bloke ***
7....the ballad of big Bill Smith ** mans land **
9....plains of peppemarti *
10..the clearing sale **
11..foolscap tombstones **
12..give my regards to Edna **
13..the pearl of them all **

3s - 3
2s - 9
1s - 1

rating: 2.1
[Image: 220px-Sing_It_Now_%28Official_Album_Cove...Entire.png]

REBA McENTIRE "sing it now: songs of faith and hope" cd, 2017.

Reba's twenty eighth studio set...
picked this one up in a discount bin...
double set...
first disk, more traditional spiritual songs...
second disk, modern written tunes....
wasn't sure if it would be any good or not, but I sure was surprised when I 
bought my George Jones one a few years ago, that was brilliant...
was expecting (if anything) that the more traditional ones would be my favourites
but theyre not, probably because I know some of them and have other things to compare them
to (not that theyre bad)…
anyway, a pretty good collection of songs of faith,hope and praise...


worst track: amazing grace
best track: there is a God


1....Jesus loves me ***
2....oh, how I love Jesus **
3....when the roll is called up yonder **
4....oh, happy day **
5....amazing grace *
6....i'll fly away ** the garden ***
8....swing low, sweet chariot *** great thou art **
10..softly and tenderly **
11..sing it now **
12..angels singin' *
13..God and my girlfriends ***
14..hallelujah, Amen ***
15..there is a God ***
16..i got The Lord by my side **
17..back to God **
18..angel on my shoulder **
19..from the inside out **
20..say a prayer **
21..i need to talk to you **
22..meanwhile, back at the cross **

3s - 6
2s - 13
1s - 3

rating: 2.1
Was listening to this driving from Cork to the West yesterday. Great track -
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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