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Shawn Phillips - Faces - not really a 'folk' album as such but it is folky in parts. First introduced to this guy by one Karen Frakenfeld in high school. Album belonged to her brother if I remember correctly. A masterpiece. Some samples
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
I have his "second contribution" album which I believe came courtesy of you some time ago Jerome, that is a good album
I vote for Furthermore

^Love "Breathrough" from that album. So many gorgeous songs from various albums - can't choose just one exclusively. Second Contribution, Faces, Furthermore and Rumpelstiltskin's Resolve all having a lot to offer IMHO.
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
[Image: Bornyesterdayeverly.jpg]

THE EVERLY BROTHERS  "born yesterday" vinyl, 1986:

twentieth studio set of twenty-one for the brothers Everly...
some country,crossover country, easy listening, soft rock, Americana on this one...
they do a respectable cover of Knopfler's "why worry" on here...
only one track written by the duo and that's my least favourite track...
a pleasant enough album overall...
their harmonies are still spot on and they still have the magic even though their glory
years are behind them...


worst track: born yesterday
best track: Amanda Ruth


1....Amanda Ruth ***
2....I know love **
3....born yesterday *
4....these shoes *
5....arms of Mary **
6....that uncertain feeling **
7....thinkin' 'bout you **
8....why worry **
9....abandoned love **
10..dont say goodnight **
11..always driving a Cadillac ** send me *

3s - 1
2s - 8
1s - 3

rating: 1.8
[Image: 514Cx4g8mhL._AC_US218_.jpg]

SLIM DUSTY "the man who steadies the lead" cd, 1980...

Aussie Slim's forty-eighth album of one hundred and eighteen...
vintage country as always...
songs of the land, the people and the life of those that live it...
one song I don't like on here, has nothing to do with the melody, tune or
story but what opens it...yodelling, sorry but anything that contains yodelling
is a no go place for me regardless of who does it...
favourite track is about a man who goes for a job interview only to find himself
interviewed by a young guy who was not born when the old guy was already working back in the day...
I find his albums always seem to score roughly the same mark which
shows the consistent mature of his recordings...


worst song: plains of peppimenarti
best track: an independent bloke


1....the man who steadies the lead **
2....leave him in the longyard ***
3....dreaming **
4....the foxleigh rodeo *** im easy ** independent bloke ***
7....the ballad of big Bill Smith ** mans land **
9....plains of peppemarti *
10..the clearing sale **
11..foolscap tombstones **
12..give my regards to Edna **
13..the pearl of them all **

3s - 3
2s - 9
1s - 1

rating: 2.1
[Image: 220px-Sing_It_Now_%28Official_Album_Cove...Entire.png]

REBA McENTIRE "sing it now: songs of faith and hope" cd, 2017.

Reba's twenty eighth studio set...
picked this one up in a discount bin...
double set...
first disk, more traditional spiritual songs...
second disk, modern written tunes....
wasn't sure if it would be any good or not, but I sure was surprised when I 
bought my George Jones one a few years ago, that was brilliant...
was expecting (if anything) that the more traditional ones would be my favourites
but theyre not, probably because I know some of them and have other things to compare them
to (not that theyre bad)…
anyway, a pretty good collection of songs of faith,hope and praise...


worst track: amazing grace
best track: there is a God


1....Jesus loves me ***
2....oh, how I love Jesus **
3....when the roll is called up yonder **
4....oh, happy day **
5....amazing grace *
6....i'll fly away ** the garden ***
8....swing low, sweet chariot *** great thou art **
10..softly and tenderly **
11..sing it now **
12..angels singin' *
13..God and my girlfriends ***
14..hallelujah, Amen ***
15..there is a God ***
16..i got The Lord by my side **
17..back to God **
18..angel on my shoulder **
19..from the inside out **
20..say a prayer **
21..i need to talk to you **
22..meanwhile, back at the cross **

3s - 6
2s - 13
1s - 3

rating: 2.1
Was listening to this driving from Cork to the West yesterday. Great track -
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
[Image: 61lWqVrdDyL._AC_US218_.jpg]

BRENT COBB  "providence canyon"

release date: 11th May

Americana,outlaw country, southern rock artist...
third album, Wiki says this one has sales of 3.400...
first half of the album is acoustic based Americana...
second half comes more in to crossover country, outlaw country
and a touch of Southern Rock. not a fan of modern crossover country
and I should like the outlaw/southern stuff, but im hard pressed to do so...
this aint half the album I thought I was when I initially heard it and purchased it...


worst track: 30-06
best track: providence canyon


1....providence canyon ***
2....King of Alabama **
3....mornin's gonna come **
4....come home soon **
5....sucker for a good time *
6....high in the country *
7....if I don't see ya *
8....30-06 *
9....Lorene *
10..when the dust settles **
11..aint a road too long **

3s - 1
2s - 5
1s - 5

rating: 1.6
[Image: 51NFutARnwL._AC_US218_.jpg]

TORI FORSYTH "dawn of the dark"

release date: 25th May

chart high: none

Aussie country singer....
debut album....
country/bluegrass material on here...
writes all her own material, album produced by Shane Nicholson,
who is Kasey Chambers' ex, and a star here in his own right....
the slower tunes have a Kasey feel to them but Tori has a slight raspy
voice similar to Bonnie Tyler, and power also, im thinking Amy Winehouse
as a comparison...


worst track: fiddle
favourite track: redemption


1....grave robber's daughter ***
2....broke machine ***
3....snow white ***
4....redemption ***
5....hearts on the ground **
6....fiddle * the morning *
8....hell's lullaby **
9....war zone ***
10..violet town ***
11..white noise ***
12..King's horses **

3s  - 7
2s - 3
1s - 2

rating: 2.4

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