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[Image: 41lQ7f25I9L._AC_US218_.jpg]

RAY DAVIES "our country-Americana II"

release date: 29th June 2018

chart highs:  UK #58

follow up companion set to his 2017 "Americana" album which just happened
to be my favourite album of last year, so this one had a lot to live up to....
this one follows the stories of Davies' life after the time his band hit the big time...
stories include their rise to fame in London, and nationally in the UK, as part of the
"British Invasion,, their 1960s ban from the US, the struggles to regain acceptance
in The States, right up to his being shot in New Orleans a few years ago and subsequent
the music is mostly what we'd call Americana, but it also contains a couple of songs
that are Big Band, Jazz, Vaudevillian, soft rock and rock...
I don't have an individual favourite track on here, but the last four songs are all about his
being shot so they all meld into one story...
it doesn't rate as high as "Americana" but its still a classy album showing once again that
its impossible to keep the old dogs at bay.


worst track: the empty room
best track:  Muswell Kills


1....our country ***
2....the invaders ***
3....back in the day **
4....Oklahoma, USA **
5....bringing up baby **
6....the getaway **
7....the take **
8....we will get there **
9....the real world **
10..a street called hope **
11..the empty room **
12..calling home **
13....Louisiana sky **
14..march of the zombies **
15..the big weird **
16..Tony & Bob ***
17..the big guy ***
18..epilogue ***
19..Muswell kills ***

3s - 7
2s - 12
1s - 0

rating: 2.4

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