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Favorite Musical? Stage or Movie
rebelgirl Wrote:Seems I've been through this before. Just forgot. I must have posted it somewhere earlier. I don't watch the animal abuse commercials either. Too sad!! I didn't know the song was even on them. I still like the song and the movie though.

thought I was having a little deja vu there
it is indeed a great song

Music Head Wrote:lol
thought I was having a little deja vu there
it is indeed a great song
:laugh: Yep you are right Music Head. I'm on other music sites, so my bad :laugh: Thought I had put it on another but after what y'all said I knew. Sorry!
  Tongue ......
[Image: avatar_2186.jpg]I try to be good but I get bored   

I was really into musicals when I was in elementary school. I've seen The Lion King, My Fair Lady, The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Beauty and the Beast, and Les Miserables live. My favorites were The Lion King, Phantom, and Les Mis. I can't choose just one. They were just so amazing! Wicked is on the top of my must-see-musicals list.
I like movies but I don't have any experience in performance. I am really interested now to perform but Now I don't have time for this. So I will prefer to watch Movies.
You see 27 Dresses and 28 Days Later, its amazing!
The Rocky Horror Picture show is one of my favourite sound tracks .. a bit quirky but good[video=youtube_share;on3CTmdE7gA][/video]
America is pregnant with promise and anticipation but is murdered by the hand of the inevitable....(Lee Jackson ..The Nice)

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