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What Are You Listening To?
Would have thought you'd have known that song...
Its both mine and my dads favourite Everly Brothers track...
Must have either been a 'b side' of a single or an album track back in the day.
thanks for making me look this up
can't find that it was a single or a b-side
it is off their second album, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us
the Billie/Norah album is a cover of that album

[Image: 220px-Thrillington_album_cover.jpg]

PERCY "THRILLS" THRILLINGTON "thrillington" cd, 1977

id hazard a guess and say I doubt whether any of you have heard of this one....
its a jazz/muzak/elevator music instrumental version of Paul And Linda's 1971 "ram" album...
Percy is a pseudonym that Paul McCartney used for this one...
was recorded at the same time as the Ram album and was supposed to be released simultaneously
with it, but Macca opted out to record and release "wild life", the debut album from Wings...
he eventually released it in 1977...
no one knew it was a McCartney album except John Lennon who read the linear notes on the back of the sleeve
and called Macca out on it because he knew the way it was written that it could only be Paul...
anyway, regardless of that, it never sold more than a few copies, sold a few hundred when people realised that it
was a McCartney album...
album was never released on cd until the remastered boxset re-release of "ram" a few years ago...
the original UK vinyl album is worth an absolute fortune with Macca collectors paying thousands when the odd copy
makes it onto places like ebay...
im not grading the album because I consider it a novelty as opposed to a real album,
but there is one instrumental track that I definatley do like and that is "too many people" which I will post below:

from the cd room

Ca[Image: 41TK35H09GL.jpg]

Carole King comes to mind
don't know why I have this
had to be a Wal-Mart special
wouldn't know a thing she did without looking
someone thought she deserved a compilation

a track


Music Head Wrote:wouldn't know a thing she did without looking
someone thought she deserved a compilation
that reminds of that Nena "best of" compilation, which bizarrely did not contain "99 Luftballons", the only hit she ever had in the English-speaking countries.
One Quiet Night - only someone as brilliant as Pat Metheny could get away with recording a solo acoustic album in one single night and then winning a Grammy for it. I love this album which is startling in its simplicity – just Pat and his guitars, regular, baritone and bass; a panacea for the soul …

The title track -

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
I'm listening to Herbie Hancock - Sleeping Giant

I will probably listen to the rest of Crossings.
Norah Jones - Tragedy

I'm checking her new album out, Day Breaks. Chill and jazzy so far.
[Image: 220px-Ben_Harper_Diamonds_On_The_Inside.jpg]

BEN HARPER "diamonds on the inside" cd, 2003

career stats:
studio albums.............13

this album.....................#19 US...#2 AU
"with my own two hands" chart action
"diamonds on the inside" chart action
"brown eyed blues" chart action

fifth album from Ben Harper,
I own a couple, should own more IMO...
he is part African-American, part Cherokee and part Jew...
three of his major influences were Bob Marley Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, and
with the occasional Reggae music it shows, as does the lyrics for the Cohen/Dylan side of it.
could have fitted into almost every WAYLT thread on the forum
but I put him in "sot rock/easy listening because that encompasses it all...
a fine mix of jazz/blues/funk/soul/pop/folk/rock and reggae on this one...
the title track (my favourite) has an almost Dylan feel to it while a couple of others
have a raunchy Lenny Kravitz feel happening,
but I guess with the differnet styles on here you could almost make comparisons to
numerous artists...
a very very good album, well worth a listen if you haven't already done so.


worst track: amen omen
best track: diamonds on the inside



1...with my own two hands ***
2...when its good ** on the inside ***
4...touch from your lust **
5...when she believes ***
6...brown eyed blues **
7...bring the funk ***
8...everything ***
9...amen omen **
10.temporary remedy *** high so low **
12.blessed to be a witness **
13.picture of Jesus **
14.shes only happy in the sun **


rating: 2.4
[Image: 220px-Dan_Fogelberg_-_Nether_Lands.jpg]

DAN FOGELBERG "Netherlands" cd, 1977

career stats:
studio albums..............16

this album.......................#12 US...#51 CAN
"love gone by"..............................#84 CAN

Dan's fourth studio album....
im a recent convert (last year or so) thanks to Ruby, thanks girl!....
opening title track is a piano based ballad with lots of lush strings and orchestrations,
from there it moves into country, easy listening and soft rock akin to the sound of that period...
I hear touches of Eagles on some of those soft rock/country sounding tracks, even a hint of CSN on a couple of others...
all up, a nice album to listen to, especially when you want your music to relax you or wind down from the day...


worst track: Netherlands
best track: love gone by



1...Netherlands **
2...once upon a time ***
3...dancing shoes **
4...lessons learned **
5...loose ends ** gone by ***
7...promises made **
8...give me some time **
9...scarecrow's dream **
10.sketches **
11.false faces **


rating: 2.1

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