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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: 51EovBhc1zL._AC_US160_.jpg]

LOUIS ARMSTRONG "the colour collection" cd 2007

the "colour collection" series of cds is similar to those "the essential...." cd sets, just another name for it I guess...
this is Louis' collection....
seventeen tracks on here, I knew most of them prior to getting this set...
a bit jazzy, a bit of blues and the occasional swing sound also....
some I like, others I dislike, but overall, a nice collection of music...
this wouldn't be on my "desert island" list but I still like it,
if I scored it, it would come in as a mid range like, probably around 2.0-2.1 I guess.

from the album, my favourite if his and probably his best known song:

The Original version of "Evil Ways". Latin Jazz percussion Master, Willie Bobo. If I might make a suggestion, listen to Bobo's 1967 LP, Bobo Motion. Great Stuff. Enjoy.

from the cd room

[Image: 81P2KAoly5L._SY355_.jpg]

thought this lady had left us
still kicking at 79
last album was 10 years ago
a jazz vocalist but this collection doesn't represent that
2 tracks from the 60's
all the others are from mid 80's to mid 90's
not her best work

nice cover of Bonnie Raitt's classic


i know and like some of her songs, You Don't Know How Glad I Am is probably my favourite of hers, she did a good version of Stevie's Uptight also.

one for the 2017 Dead Pool maybe, LOL.
from the cd room

[Image: 51OX2xCHfHL._SS500.jpg]
aha! this was the Nancy I was expecting
much better than that last modern Nancy
this is all from the 60's
she was in her prime

this was recorded by many
Nancy does it justice


One of the great Japanese Jazzmen Isao Suzuki. Here's a particularly haunting tune.


Enya - Watermark

I doubt this album needs introduction - here's a clip anyway:

I'm on a bit of a female folk binge right now. Following Enya, I am currently listening to:

Judy Dyble - Enchanted Garden

A quite enchanting record indeed.

from the vinyl shed

[Image: MI0003157890.jpg?]

this is not good
and I have the follow up buried somewhere
voice reminds me of early Billy Joel
Cold Spring Harbor early



never heard of this band MH, listened to the linked track, I didn't like it, and I cannot recall ever hearing it neither.

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