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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: R-3163601-1377092465-3365.jpeg.jpg]

A compilation album, The Versatile Giant

His well-known and loved composition "Nuages". He recorded it 13 times, so this clip is probably not the one on the album, or it might be ... 

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
[Image: 220px-Chaos_and_Creation_in_the_Back_Yard.jpg]

PAUL MCCARTNEY  "chaos and creation in the backyard"  cd,  2005:

Macca's twenty-first studio set as a post-Beatle recording artist (not counting Fireman/classical works)...
album is often called his "best post Beatle work" by experts, but I just don't get it...
music, subject matter and vocals are very sombre for the most part and that's just not McCartney, yes I get it,
he was still grieving the loss of Linda...
four Grammy nominations including best album...
sold 1.3 million copies in its first six months (that's pretty good for most artists but this guy has consistently been
doing it since 1962!)...
Macca himself played thirty instruments on the album...
he left production duties to others on this one, preferring to stick to the music...
was his last album with EMI, the label he had been with since 1962...
the songs...
slightly jazzy and bluesy in places, a couple of soft rockers, a couple of ballads and several acoustic numbers...
and try as I might to like this album, I just cannot like it....


best track - "English tea"

worst track - "riding to vanity fair"

1... Fine Line **
2...How Kind Of You *
3...Jenny Wren **
4...At The Mercy *
5...Friends To Go *
6...English Tea **
7...Too Much Rain *
8...A Certain Softness **
9...Riding To Vanity Fair *
10.Follow Me *
11.Promise To You Girl **
12.This Never Happened Before *
13.Anyway **
14.Ive Only Got Two Hands (instrumental) *

3s - 0
2s - 6
1s - 8

rating - 1.4

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