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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: R-3163601-1377092465-3365.jpeg.jpg]

A compilation album, The Versatile Giant

His well-known and loved composition "Nuages". He recorded it 13 times, so this clip is probably not the one on the album, or it might be ... 

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
[Image: 220px-Chaos_and_Creation_in_the_Back_Yard.jpg]

PAUL MCCARTNEY  "chaos and creation in the backyard"  cd,  2005:

Macca's twenty-first studio set as a post-Beatle recording artist (not counting Fireman/classical works)...
album is often called his "best post Beatle work" by experts, but I just don't get it...
music, subject matter and vocals are very sombre for the most part and that's just not McCartney, yes I get it,
he was still grieving the loss of Linda...
four Grammy nominations including best album...
sold 1.3 million copies in its first six months (that's pretty good for most artists but this guy has consistently been
doing it since 1962!)...
Macca himself played thirty instruments on the album...
he left production duties to others on this one, preferring to stick to the music...
was his last album with EMI, the label he had been with since 1962...
the songs...
slightly jazzy and bluesy in places, a couple of soft rockers, a couple of ballads and several acoustic numbers...
and try as I might to like this album, I just cannot like it....


best track - "English tea"

worst track - "riding to vanity fair"

1... Fine Line **
2...How Kind Of You *
3...Jenny Wren **
4...At The Mercy *
5...Friends To Go *
6...English Tea **
7...Too Much Rain *
8...A Certain Softness **
9...Riding To Vanity Fair *
10.Follow Me *
11.Promise To You Girl **
12.This Never Happened Before *
13.Anyway **
14.Ive Only Got Two Hands (instrumental) *

3s - 0
2s - 6
1s - 8

rating - 1.4
[Image: 220px-LindaRonstadt.jpg]

LINDA RONSTADT  "the very best of"  cd, 2002:

to be fair, I'm not a fan of artists who make careers out of being covers artists and Linda
is no exception to that rule....
but luckily for her she has a beautiful voice and does, at times, makes songs her own....
examples of that are "when willi be loved", "just one look", "poor poor pitiful me" and "youre no good"...
she also has beautiful big brown eyes and oozes sex appeal with her "butter wouldn't melt...." looks (not that that
defines a good singer but it sure does help keep my attention...)....
all up twenty one tracks on here that span her solo career to the release date...
almost half of them I dislike, sorry, but its very rare I like anyone covering Motown hits and white chicks (and guys)
should not be allowed to get their paws around those classics as a rule....
album barely scrapes through for me because of that...


worst track:  ooh baby baby
best track: poor poor pitiful me (yes I love Zevon's original but this belongs to Linda!)


1....when will I be loved ***
2....heatwave *
3....youre no good ***
4....its so easy ** bayou ***
6....different drum *
7....poor poor pitiful me ***
8....tracks of my tears *
9....thatll be the day *
10..ooh baby baby *
11..long long time *
12..born in the USA * is a rose **
14..hurt so bad *
15..heart like a wheel *
16..adios **
17..somewhere out there **
18..dont know much ***
19..all my life *
20..winter night **
21..just one look ***

3s = 6
2s = 6
1s = 9

rating: 1.8
[Image: 220px-Almost_in_Love.jpg]

ELVIS PRESLEY "almost in love" cassette 1970

yes, you read that right, cassette, I still own some!....
found and played this one after posting it in "artist association game"...
a compilation...
contains tracks, mostly from his movies from the previous three years that 
weren't released as soundtrack albums...
eight of the ten tracks were either "A" or "charting "B" sides of singles, the other two
were not released as singles, one of which is my favourite on the album...
some jazzy/bluesy tunes, a couple of soft rockers but mostly very good by Presley movie song
all up a very good album and I was surprised by the high score this one got...


worst track: Stay Away, Joe
best track: My Little Friend


1....almost in love ***
2....long legged girl (with the short dress on) **
3....edge of reality *** little friend ***
5....a little less conversation **
6....rubberneckin' **
7....clean up your own backyard ***
8....US male **
9....Charro ***
10..stay away, joe *

3s - 5
2s - 4
1s - 1

rating: 2.4
[Image: 220px-Nilsson-Harry-lp.png]

HARRY NILSSON "harry"  cd,  1969:

Harry's fourth...
his first to chart in his homeland, but at a lowly #120...
a couple of covers on it, most notably Beatles "mother natures son"...
he does a fairly good cover of it too...
another of the covers, "mr bojangles", no one, and I mean no one should ever
be allowed to cover this Sammy Jnr classic, but again, Harry gets the thumbs up
from me for it....
most of the songs are in the vein of Vaudeville or Music Hall and are piano based,
I like that style, its a simple one, but its melodic...
best track on here is his self penned classic "I guess the Lord must be in New York City"...
that one wasn't really a big hit back in the day, it only peaked at #34 US, #25 CAN and #66 AU...
either way, a pretty good album from Mr Nilsson


worst track: the puppy song
best track: I guess the Lord must be in NYC


1....the puppy song *
2....nobody cares about the railroads anymore * your window **
4....Mother Natures son **
5....Fairfax rag *** life **
7....mornin' glory story ***
8....maybe ****
9....marchin' down Broadway **
10..i guess the Lord must be in New York City ***
11..rainmaker **
12..Mr Bojangles **
13..Simon Smith and the amazing dancing bear **

3s - 4
2s - 7
1s - 2

rating: 2.2
And this, boys and girls, is how it's done!
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
(06-08-2018, 08:18)Jerome Wrote: And this, boys and girls, is how it's done!

you wont get no argument from me Jerome.....superb!
[Image: 220px-LindaRonstadtDuets.jpg]

LINDA RONSTADT "duets" cd, 2014:

a compilation of previously released tracks...
Aaron Neville, Sinatra, Emmy-Lou, James Taylor, Dolly, Bette etc etc....
not entirely previously released tracks as one is newly recorded for the album...
Linda can do it all and still sound comfortable in what she does from rock to country,
folk to crooning, big band to jazz and blues, shes the real deal for sure...
I love it when she rocks but I also love it when she sounds soft, sweet, vunerable like she
does on these tunes...
compilations should always score high as theyre the supposed 'best of' artists and this one is no
different but I was slightly surprised just how high the score actually got especially when the first twelve 
tracks got love scores...


least likeable track: moonlight in Vermont
favourite track: Adieu False Start


1....adieu false start ***
2....I cant get over you ***
3....walk away Renee ***
4....the new partner waltz ***
5....I will never marry ***
6....pretty bird ***
7....I cant help it ***
8....hasten down the wind ***
9....prisoners in disguise ***
10..i think its gonna work out fine ***
11..dont know much ***
12..all my life ***
13..somewhere out there **
14..sisters **
15..moonlight in Vermont *

3s - 12
2s - 2
1s - 1

rating: 2.8

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