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What Are You Listening To?
(23-08-2017, 02:43)CRAZY-HORSE Wrote: [Image: 220px-Elvis_Way_Down_in_the_Jungle_Room.jpeg]

ELVIS PRESLEY -  "way down: in the jungle room"  cd,  2016:

some of these tracks appear on his final studio album "moody blue",
others appear on various compilations...
but this is the first time sixteen tracks, plus bonus out-takes appear all together
on one dedicated disc...
theyre the final  recording he completed prior to his death...
recordings took place, as the title suggests, in the Jungle Room at Graceland...
some pop but mostly country tinged....
album peaked at #6 on the US country charts and made the top twenty in the UK...
a good solid album with Presley showing he still had the power in his vocals on "hurt"...
only two tracks I didn't preciously own on this collection, "the last farewell" and
"blue eyes crying in the rain"...
a very good album for those who love the country/ballad side of 1970s Presley...

these were the days when artists sang live and didn't need to use autotune to sound like their recordings!
love the almost operatic tone in his vocals when he hits that note at the end of the song!

This is a very awesome album. I listened to it yesterday afternoon. Great choice of songs on that album Smile Exclamation
[Image: 417u6A9DxLL._AC_US218_.jpg]
JIM CROCE "the jim croce collection"  cd,  2002

career spanning twenty four track disc....
contains all the singles...
i knew half a dozen of the tracks prior to purchasing it...
im glad i did, good artist...
still hard for me to go for something other than this one:

I was recently given an album by Jim & Ingrid Croce which has had alternative titles - Croce and Bombs over Puerto Rico (for some odd reason). Mine is Another Day, Another Town. Wasn't even aware that they'd made a record together! It's nice but maybe too much so. He had much more edge and really came into his own as a solo artist. I'm very fond of Jim Croce which I've probably mentioned a few times!  Smile

[Image: R-951595-1360777519-6386.jpeg.jpg]
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson


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