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What Are You Listening To?
Mary Black - Best of collection. Woman has a unique voice and some great tracks on this compilation. Big Trip to Portland will always be a favourite.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
[Image: 220px-Harry_Nilsson_-_Nilsson_Schmilsson.png]

HARRY NILSSON "nilsson schmilsson"  cd,  1971:

Harry's seventh and first to make him a household name across the globe...
soft rock here...
two Grammy nominations...
three covers, including the biggie "without you" which was originally recorded by Apple
artist Badfinger....
Paul McCartney once said in an interview that Without You is one song he would have liked to
have written (a big thumbs up from The Mac!)....
nothing bad on the album, a fw average tracks but a few great ones also...
looking forward to hearing the other four I own!...

I hate having to post the hit singles from an album because we all know them,
but in this case, it really is, the best thing on the album:

MD was approached by an artist’s representative and asked if any of our members/mods would perhaps review or comment on his work – this out of respect for our policy regarding advertising/promotion, etc. A fair and courteous request, we think - so here goes. Anyone else is most welcome to listen and comment, of course.
Alleston Fisher is the gentleman in question, and thus far, he has produced three EP’s, primarily piano works that fall squarely within the ‘easy listening’ category. Contemporary piano music is tricky; while ‘classical’ music is held up to certain standards of proficiency and technical execution as well as the ability to convey emotion and nuance, and there are benchmarks by which to gauge these elements, musicians such as Mr Fisher are writing tunes that are more organic and free flowing, and which in his instance are, I feel, a very personal, heartfelt expression, possibly not intended for public consumption in the first place. This makes any criticism of them quite difficult!
The first EP that I listened to is called Piano Jubilum, i.e. joyful, and it is – the second is Piano Bellus, i.e. pretty, and again, it is that – straightforward, happy tunes – all instrumental. There is a third EP, Alleston Fisher, Christmas Music that I just haven’t got to.
Piano Jublium, was written in celebration of his love for and appreciation of the outdoors – he likes wandering around hills and mountains and I can relate. In my limited experience, out in the wide open spaces, away from anything manmade, surrounded by nature with your feet firmly on the ground, and preferably at a fair height (enough so that you have a vista), life suddenly seems quite simple and there’s not much wrong with the world. He says as much himself - this is the essence of what he feels compelled to express and to share and I totally get that.
There are no pretensions, in any way, to being anything other than joyful, pretty music, simply played, and I imagine that whether popular or not, he will continue to follow his muse. I enjoyed three of the four tracks, primarily piano, with what he refers to as guest instruments thrown in to flesh things out; mostly pleasant, undemanding listening which while a little light for my personal taste, very much ties in with a quote I posted the other day …
"A word about what kind of music to make. It's simple - you make the music that moves your soul. No one has ever had a serious career by imitating others, or trying to guess what the public wants. And I'll tell you a secret: What the public wants is someone whose music resonates from their heart." Donald S. Passman, All You Need to Know About the Music Business
Website -
None of the YT uploads will work for me but here’s a link in case they work for others -

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
Thanks for doing this Ruby....
as mentioned to you, it wouldn't be fair, or do the music justice if I commented as instrumental pieces
are generally on a hiding to nothing before I even hear them (with the odd exception)...
^No trouble at all CH.  Smile

I’ve been having a bit of a Dan Fogelberg fest over the past day or so and listened to Nether Lands, Love in Time, The Wild Places and Phoenix. Must be all the excitement of finally getting Spotify in this country!! Woohoo! 

For the most part, he wrote great songs and was such a talented man – musically, and as a visual artist too. On the posthumously released Love in Time, which he recorded knowing he only had a limited time left, he did pretty much everything himself – all the instruments, the lot. He left the album with instructions for his wife to have it released after his death so it really was his swansong and the outro after the last song (his cover of Neil Young's "Birds") is exactly the intro to the first song on his debut album, “To the Morning” – he was closing the circle. Some of his albums swing wildly between very gentle love songs on the one hand and almost blues/rock type material on the other. He had a magnificent falsetto but could also sound quite gritty when he chose. 
So many lovely songs to choose from, but I woke up with that falsetto in my head, so …

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson

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