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Drummers are musicians as well.
@SteveO: I have no idea what point does that recording prove, haha.
If the opposite to the thread title then yeah.
If it's supposed to back it up, listen to Neil Peart's, Mike Portnoy's or other progressive rock\metal or jazz drummers. It's way more musical than that.
Just an example. I wanted the drumming isolated, John Bonham(drum legend) is toned down here with subtle perfection so as any drummer will know that's very difficult instead of loud boisterous drumming! There are many styles of drumming and Bonham was one of the best! The Rush and Dream Theatre drummers are great also. it's all subjective! ...I know all about hundreds of drummers, from jazz to prog rock to metal!!! Buddy Rich for one...not many can surpass him imho!

I would definitely say that drummers are musicians!

 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
Many drummers are fine writers. Billy Cobham composed the music for CROSSWINDS and it's a timeless work. Bill Bruford has composed many beautiful pieces on piano. Many drummers for Frank Zappa were fine writers as well. Daniel Denis has composed many brilliant pieces for his band Univers Zero.
I don't think that drummers are not musician because they are many songs which are incomplete without drum, yes I agree that it is not melodious but I think songs are of different types, so it is obvious that every songs is melodious there are rap music, DJ songs which are incomplete without drums.
I didn't know this topic still kept being discussed. We all know they aren't lol!
Jokes apart, I'm astonished that the 'drummers being musicians" thing is still debated. I thought most of people agreed that although not playing 'notes' (which is only partly true; drums in fact can be tuned so they sound in a desired frequency) and chords, drummers are musicians: they play a rhythmic instrument and as far as I know, rhythm is an essential part of music. So I still don't see the point of this discussion. If drummers weren't musicians, what would percussionists be then? clowns? lol
Quaalude Wrote:I would question the viability of a lead vocalist being a musician if he didnt play any musical instruments verses a drummer. I know that years ago a lead vocalist did not have to be in the musicians "Union" if he didnt use any musical instruments while performing on stage. I dont know if that still stands the same way these days or not within the Musicians Union?

Here's a couple of musician unions Websites--ask them directly:
Another type of Union musicians:
A man accustomed to hear only the echo of his own sentiments, soon bars all the common avenues of delight, and has no part in the general gratification of mankind--Dr. Johnson
What he said. Amen, Bro--JazzboCR
I am busy putting a track together for Simon Phillips to lay drum tracks on. It involves the use of octobans - a set of high pitched toms that are part of his standard kit. First thing he said to me was that he would have to tune the octobans to match the track. If anyone thinks drums are not melodious then there is something fundamentally wrong with their hearing. Go see a doctor. Listen to Pink Floyd's 'Time' and then tell me the rototoms at the start of the track are not melodious.

A drum kit is an instrument, just like any other, and it has to be tuned, just like any other. It also has the largest dynamic range of all the instruments in any band or orchestra. Even more than a Steinway Grand.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
thankfully I learned/realised drummers were genuine musicians many years ago.
was back in England for a trip and my cousin had been playing drums for a couple of years.
I was making fun of him being a 'crash, bang, wollop' guy and he deliberately put the kit out of tune and played, then re-tuned it, sounded so different,
was then I realised theres more of a skill involved than just being coordinated.
a valuable lesson learned on my part.
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It was innovative with great songs, I’m glad I was on it but the ‘White’ album ended up a better album for me.” Ringo Starr
I played drums many moons ago CH when I was a teen. Worked like a slave to be able to afford a second-hand kit. Two of them in fact. Drove my mom mad. When I went off to do national service (2 years) my dear old mum sold my kit. It takes a particular type of discipline to be a really good drummer and while I can understand rudiments and fills and all the rest I cannot do it properly. Well not now anyway. Maybe if I had stuck with it I would have got there but that's all a long time ago. I do tend to listen to the drummer in a piece of music far more than the other instruments . It just always grabs my attention when there is a good drummer in the band. And recording drums is an artform. There is an awful lot to take note of when recording them. Every mike on the kit - and there can be plenty with a large kit - picks up some ambient noise from all the other elements in the kit. A mike some distance away from the kit makes a huge difference to the final result as well. Mixing drums is a bloody nightmare.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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