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Dragonforce: kings of power-metal or just fast and repetitive?
Another reason why they can't peform great live is because Sam Totman is basically and alcoholic, and he is the majority of the time, hammered.
Conrad Wrote:Explain. The fact that they've recorded the song, means that they've done it at some point.

Besides the reason Jon mentioned, how can a musician's music be more talented than the musician itself? Making talented things requires an equally talented creator. Maybe you should refine your logical skills at some point.
I know, but factors can make it hard for the musicians to recreate it, nobody plays a song perfectly, and in all honesty, the fact that dragonforce can't play their songs live is more of just a rumour, or they wouldn't be playing anymore gigs or festivals ever. We as musical fans take it for granted how talented these are, i think we're forgetting how hard it would be to play this music, i sure couldn't.
Sorry to but in, but (:winkSmile it sounds like your making excuses for them now, first off

If you can't play your own stuff, which you've basically made through hours of practice, you are not so talented. I've heard many a musician even give a better rendition of their material live than in the studio, and that is what makes a brilliant musician.

And secondly, there are rumors of DragonForce speeding up their music in the studio, which if true (I'm not saying it definitively is) goes some way to explain why playing their songs live will be hard.

Anyway, I have had the fortune of hearing these guys live, not the worst thing I've ever heard, but certainly not at the level I did expect, and it's amazing how they have managed to gather such a big fan base, although I bet most of them are fans based on their studio recordings.
It's just a rumour. If you've seen them live and they couldn't play it then fair enough you have the right to criticise. But if you want to be like all the other sheep and pass a rumour off as your own opinion, then great, treasure your ignorance. I'm sure if they couldn't actually play their own stuff, they wouldn't want to tour or play live shows, as they'd get constant abuse.


Dedicated fan to: blink-182, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Bring Me The Horizon, Architects and Parkway Drive
They can't choose not to tour or play live shows, as this is where their revenue comes from. They have to play live if they want to live off of their music.
I don't know anything about the difference between them playing live or in the studio, because i don't listen to them. Having only heard that one song that everyone knows and that made them massively more popular than they were before it was included in Guitar Hero III, Through The Fire And Flames, i can't give much of an opinion on their music. From that one song, it sounds to me as if the main thing that attracts so many fans to them is just the speed of their playing. Again, i can only speak for this one song. I accept that Herman Li and Sam Totman are insanely fast guitarists, though :biggrin:
I might even have bought one of their albums by now to give a better judgement if i wasn't hell-bent on buying as much alternative rock as possible :biggrin:

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