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Ive been listening to motorhead
theyre a good band

if you dont listen to motorhead you really should

some good listens
I used to be very into Motorhead back in the very early 80s. Don't have any Motorhead albums in the collection, so must rectify this soonest.

Favourite Motorhead albums ??

The album I really loved was the original Motorhead album, released on the Chiswick label in the UK. If I can track a CD of that album down, I''ll order a copy..
Ace Of Spades!
Tiggi Wrote:Favourite Motorhead albums ??

that first one motorhead is really great i agree and some recent records like inferno are good but id have to single out my fav as bbc live in session. its a double cd of what it says on the tin and it's bloody great.
Have now ordered the Motorhead CD, and look forward to a listen...

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