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Anti-Spam System Added
Recently we have been flooded with a large amount of spam and unwanted posts. This takes a lot of time to remove/ban offending users.

To automate the process we have installed an auto-spam system to do the job for us. Any new registration will be tested against known spam criteria and blocked. Secondly all members with less than 10 posts will be automatically vetted by the system for spam content and blocked/banned. After 10 posts, full membership resumes without system intervention.

Please bear with us while we tweak the system to get it right. On occasion it may block the wrong content, please let us know so we can amend the system accordingly.

Your patience is appreciated in this transition.


Tony (Techman)
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Thanks Tony! Excellent...lord knows we needed it!
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Time to revisit this issue, methinks. Lately it's normal for me to log on and find 25 "New posts", 24 of which are spam.
we get rid of them as soon as we see them bob

Music Head Wrote:we get rid of them as soon as we see them bob
I'm sure you do. But I'm sure it's a total pain to have to do it all the time, and I speak as someone with experience moderating on other sites.

I know at least two sites that put a system in place whereby the first post, or the first 5 posts or whatever, of a new member do not go to the board until they are seen and approved by a moderator. They go into some kind of holding area pending moderation. Have you considered something like that? Yes, you still have to check every day or so to see the new posts and moderate them, but you could do it at your leisure, it would not matter if you missed a day, and usually you need do it only once per newbie. Also in my experience the spammers, whoever they are, quickly learn that they are not getting any oxygen on the site, and stop trying.

You might lose one or two genuine potential members this way, but balance that against the loss of people who discover the site, check the forums, encounter all the spam before you have had the chance to remove it, and leave never to return.
What is going on??
Good idea!

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