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discuss any political topics here
there will be no name calling of fellow members allowed here
we all have our views and are entitled to them but there is no need to attack someone else for theirs
debate your issues in a polite manner
we can be civil to each other
any violaters will be dealt with in the way of infractions, or banning if it becomes necessary
as far as the politicians, call them anything you want, we all do

[QUOTE] by Music Head, There are no pending votes on the Affordable Care Act. It was passed into law a couple years ago, although not in full affect until next year.
I might add that it was passed in the House with no republican votes, so it wasn't just tea party folks against it.
The current controversies are over the annual budget and raising the debt ceiling.
Both issues are hot every time they come up and always will be
If you use credit cards (I don't), when you reach your limit, do you just raise it?
dems say yes, pubs say no, that's where we're at.
as the rebel says, republicans will cave
what choice do they have? [QUOTE] Music Head is right Obamacare has already been passed but I think that is the holdup. The Repubs still want it changed somewhat before they make a agreement on the shutdown but I don't think that is going to happen. Seems the Republicans have no other choice than to agree with the Dems at this time and stop the shutdown. All we have to hope for is the next election. Raising the debt limit is just going to put us in more debt but I'm almost certain that is what is going to happen. Hope this thread goes smoothly Confusedmile:
Never discuss politics and religion !
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
SteveO Wrote:Never discuss politics and religion !

....or artists that use auto-tune, beats and have songs that incude "featuring...." on the label
CRAZY-HORSE Wrote:....or artists that use auto-tune, beats and have songs that incude "featuring...." on the label

those set me off more than any politics

Oh you guys, nothing wrong with discussing politics. It affects us all. Interesting subject and Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship with Jesus Christ Confusedmile: We must just remember to be civil. I'm willing and looking forward to some more great discussions. Thanks Music Head for allowing us another chance!! That's one reason I came here, more freedom Confusedmile:
Auto-Tune, I can live without it :laugh:
:rockon:I was being light hearted! You know people are always saying " don't talk about politics or religion"
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
Politics and religion? Well, they've been dividing us all and segmentizing humanity ever since they formally existed. We're all searching for the GREATER GOOD. We just go about speculating over these topics in a very different manner. The only thing I feel I want to condemn is any form of fundamentalism. Fanatics. Mostly 'cause you can't even have a decent debate with them that they'll be demanding your head...but let's tread this tricky terrain with extreme care. Music is a uniting vector...politics a dividing one...
Cogito, ergo sum...
OK Steve Confusedmile: I just wanted us to understand that Christianity is not a religion......Music can divide us too. It's words set to music. Some don't approve of certain types of music. I don't. Alot of the music today is not worth listening. Even in the past some music has been just Satanic and vulgar. Me, if it is posted, I just stay away. I'm watching the news now and the Repubs are trying to make a agreement that Obama, the Congress, and Senate has to be involed in Obamacare completely. If Obama told the truth we can use our own insurance but that is going up. So how can we afford our own. Yesterday it was already reported that one half of the Drs. will not accept Obamacare. I know mine won't. I don't want to lose my Drs. I have some great ones.

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