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What is best way for learning piano? - manhattanpianist - 12-06-2015

Hi to all

There are several ways to learn how to play a piano. You can opt for piano lessons that would be available in a lot of forms and approaches, and thus makes it easier to learn.You can also combine various forms of learning the piano such as DVDs, tapes and instructional books so you can learn it in a short amount of time. You may also use online lessons and even follow the approach of famous New York pianist. It is must to keep a regular period for practicing piano. Spend around 30-45 minutes to practice it every day. This will help you improve and enhance your skills.

Best regards
Arnie Abrams

What is best way for learning piano? - hayley - 19-04-2016

If you want to plan out that 30-45 minutes, there's a site that helps plan and track practice sessions. It's pretty new but also addresses a lot of the issues around goal setting, self-motivation and accountability that any instrumentalist runs into: