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Good app to play music? - smallworldz - 07-09-2016

[TABLE="class: tborder, width: 100%, align: center"]
[TD="class: alt1"]Something that can:
Play music that you downloaded
Sort songs into categories of your choice (folders or something else)
completly free
Ads are allowed.
Go from one song to a next
Be able to detect downloaded music (moving to a certain folder in the program is ok as well, I have a file manager)
Works on either ios or android

The more of these it has, the better.[/TD]

Good app to play music? - Inna Selez - 09-09-2016

I'm using Winamp about 10 years I guess. Simple and easy-to-use player.

Good app to play music? - Oceansoul - 09-09-2016

I have an Android and I use the Spotify app for my music listening needs. I have been trying some other music apps, but ones like SoundCloud haven't been very successful on my tablet. I also use Last.Fm to chart my music and find new music. Pretty much it.

Spotify isn't perfect though it's the music app I use the most.