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NEW ALBUM: Above,Below "the lotus chapters" - CRAZY-HORSE - 29-09-2019

[Image: 91fbjEIQ8pL._AC_UY218_ML3_.jpg]

Spotify listen:

Aussie metal...
debut album...
has a singer, only way to describe him is 'gay'...
also has a growler, he scared me, so I dare not describe him....

album's interesting cover and title lured me in like a Venus Flytrap...
opening track, had me hooked and wanting more, then in came the metal,
it lost me right there...

then i look at a video and the singer looks like a nerd from Silicon Valley, he's very versatile as he is the growler also,
apologies for calling you 'gay'  and "a nerd" dude!

I do not like this album.

Labyrinth  video (the single)

the opening track, my favourite: