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Desperately needing guitar learning methods - please help

so basically I'm going to practice the guitar for about 6 hours a day on weekdays (after work starting 6 PM until midnight), and all day on weekends. I would only take breaks when I deserve it (say I master a full Metallica or Zeppelin album, then I'll give myself a few days of leisure time).

However I'll need to have a set schedule to follow, if I want to properly practice the guitar for 6 hours a day throughout the weekdays on all day during the weekends....

...Which is where you guys come in. Can anybody here share me any websites or methods or whatever that you guys used, to learn how to play?

Help would be FANTASTICALLY appreciated bros.[/INDENT]

~OH~ and can I have your completely honest opinion on what I eventually what my guitar to look like?

It'll be a gibson Les Paul, and I plan on getting a proper custom paint job, to have this done:

That American flag shield applied to the guitar, with the gold outline, blood red stripes and all

People have boringly applied the american flag to it, but my idea will be different.

Think of America's coat of arms:

or this Marshal Aid logo:

But it'd what you see in the first link above. I think it'd separate my guitar from the rest while still looking nice.
Marty Schwartz on You Tube is very good! Also you have to learn the pentatonic scales! The majority of rock playing evolves from those scales. I hope this helps a little bit, Zabrak. I am sure other members can help you more!

 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
What your guitar looks like is unimportant - what it sounds like is what matters - as well as what you do with it. Master the instrument. Who cares what it looks like.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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