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De ImperfAction: a true voice in the dark of a modern world
There are very few bands out there who openly raising their voice against social injustice in various forms: Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, RHCP, then Fear Factory, Biohazard, Megadeath and maybe a dozen more. Unlike the majority of performing musicians these artists are willing to take responsibility and find the place in their art for those suffering under the pressure of a modern world, and through the music not only stand up against it but, most importantly, offer their empathy.

Last summer I've happened to attend one of Prague's clubs and saw the show of yet-to-be-known multinational alternative funk rock band De ImperfAction. I was much impressed not only with the distinct unique style and immense torent of energy they pouring down on a listener, but also with the titles of the songs: De Rapenation, Mutilated, Coz kunts alwayz win, Privacy is dead, Man eats Man, Fu*k ye, Kruel World!, War, no love.

Then I've checked their FB page and read the lyrics, some of which I've posted below. It is clear, in spite of all the inconvenience and troubles it may cause, the band painstakingly carrying out their message to the audience. Not to mention that this message is being delivered on a highly convincing level, where each musician displays polished skills and sophisticated performance. They take a listener through the entire specter of emotions, just like it happens in real life, and this is perhaps their strongest quality as a band.

These guys deserve a big stage, a wide audience. I can only hope they'll get noticed by the right person in the industry (although it always amuses me, since when, perhaps the most beautiful affectionate thing in the world, such as music, become an 'industry'. It's sad, but I guess there is nothing we can do but accept it.) So here's the texts and the band - give them your support for they need it!



Talking 'bout human rights?
- but Man eats Man!
Talking 'bout democracy?
- but Man eats Man!
Talking 'bout progress?
- but Man eats Man!
Coz I eat You,
- and You eat Me!


In North Korea people fed to dogs - good!
In Syria children killed with napalm bombs - even better!
Jihad brothers slay one another in place ov a Big Brother:
So yea, go on, folks, keep on wolfin' each other!

Coz ye a creepy sh*t:
Blind pigs en a ready meat.
Yea, yo time is right -
In fear day en night.

Russia and Ukraine maul on their throat - nice!
Sailing down down in their hellish boat - even better!
Reekin' ov blood en sweat
Da fu*kin' world gone mad

Each word outworn,
every piece broken
Yet I got somethin' I got somethin':
A secret beauty
pure en outspoken

I got my music, yea I got music
And that's my star and guide
In the dark of life,
in the dark of life.

So I give it to you
Coz that's my star and guide
In the dark of life,
in the dark of life.

I'll pour my music in you, pour my music in you
Will pour my music in you, pour my music in you


money money money
I got money when you sneeze
I sh*t money everyday
(coz kunts alwayz win)
I dont need to know your name
I will put you in
wanna-be-friend zone
get the fu*k outta here

I play with your lives
in ma limousine
you cant touch ma skin
(coz kunts alwayz win)
in life you dream to be
where I've been
you try too hard
for me is free

I got the mighty power
do you wanna play with me?
I will laugh of your tears
coz kunts alwayz win

let kunts win
you know the world
is a p.i.m.p.
let kunts win
fancy obsessions


INTRO (echo)

walls have ears
walls have eyes yeah
to hear and see
inside your life

knock knock knock
the world is knocking at your door

Why Why Why Why
Why do you open the window
The wind blows away
Your personal info.

Read this walls:
I guarantee They
know all about
You and me

Once you open the window
There's no way back

Privacy is dead
Privacy is dead

knock knock knock
the world is knocking at your door
Don't answer it
Love the band, hate the sicko lyrics!
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
What a load of complete shit. COZ KUNTS ALWAYZ WIN - do you really think that this is a good title? I agree with SteveO - whoever wrote these lyrics is one seriously twisted prick. And as for the name of the band - who can even pronounce it! BTW - your statement about very few bands raising their voice against social injustice does not hold any water - hundreds of them have been doing it for over a century now. You just haven't been listening.

These guys deserve a wide audience???

They deserve a wide berth.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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