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Follow When Learning Guitar Chords
Keep Persistency: You need to be persistent and practice regularly when learning guitar chords. It might be a bit difficult in the beginning, but if you keep on practicing regularly, you will find your fingers moving quickly on the guitar chords.

Visualize: You need to visualize in your mind that where each finger should be positioned before you place them on the fretboard. This way, you will be able to play the right tune.

Go Slow: Start with simple chords and then move slowly from there. Don’t try to take too much pressure in the beginning. Take your time with changing chords and with time, you will start playing different tunes by only using 3-4 chords.

Build Your Finger Strength: To play a guitar constantly, you need to build up your finger strength. You must practice on regular basis.

Try Not to Look at Your Hands: In the beginning, it will be natural to look at your hand when playing with the chords. But with time, you must get accustomed to the finger positioning without looking at it.

Use Your Little Finger: Never neglect your little finger when playing guitar chords. Keep all the fingers near to the fretboard even when not in use. This will help you learn higher-level guitar chords in future.

Get Familiar with the Root Notes of the Cord: Learning root notes of a cord is essential because it tells you which string you should begin picking from and which note is the root note of any chord.

Make Use of Your Senses: To learn guitar chords effectively, you must make use of your all senses. Use your eyes look at a chord chart, watch somebody play the chords, use your ears to listen to the chord being contend, and visualize yourself playing with the chords yourself.
^Great advice David! I cheat a bit I use tablatures (guitar tabs) when I can! I go for the basic melody and I am somewhat a lazy guitar player(if you can call it that) but I enjoy it...that's the main thing, right? I just play for myself....:biggrin:
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!

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