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"Pancakes, ****, Credit Card Fraud!"-I killed the rap game this time
bob_32_116 Wrote:The meaning of the word "share" seems to have changed a little over the years. It used to mean to give somebody part of something that you both like so you can both enjoy it together, as in sharing your birthday cake. These days it often seems to mean to impose something on somebody in the hope of getting noticed, whether the other person is likely to appreciate it or not, in the manner in which the J-dubs come to your door to "share" the good news.

I think you make a great point! I did not mean to offend or cause a stir with this post. I looked at the other posts in this forum and many were just people putting up the link to their music and it lead me to believe that this forum was an acceptable place to display my song. I was hoping it would be well received but it clearly has not been. I am sorry for imposing my music on you and I will never do so again. I truly thought this was an appropriate place to display my song and I am sorry for not understanding the consequence of my actions.

now I'm feeling even worse
you are forgiven

Music Head Wrote:damn
now I'm feeling even worse
you are forgiven

Thank you, sir.

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