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Hi guys! Thanks for having me here :) Question about voice range
I am a guy from Spain who lives in the United States. I love music and singing but I am not a professional; rather a lousy amateur. I wish I was a professional musician. Anyway, I have this thing inside of me that consumes me lol. I am not sure if I am a baritone or a tenor (whether that is important or not). I do not know any professional singers, so I can't ask. I've tried with youtube tutorials, but it's just impossible. I do not know how to read musical notes. I am just a freak that likes singing.
Could anyone just check any of my covers and give me their opinion? (

Thank you so much in advance. Glad to have registered here!!!


welcome to MD mate...
what do i know about vocal range, well its simple....
its either audible or its not LOL
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