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NEW SONG: Metallica - Master Of Puppets
enters the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart at #40

I don't like it
just a guess here
a boost from Stranger Things
puts this on the chart after 45 years?

i love it, huge fan of Metallica.

no doubt Stranger Things has boosted its popularity again...

read somewhere only yesterday that Kate Bush has already earned $2 million USD from the recent renewal of interest in
"running up that hill". a nice earner for a 40year old song.

not related but when Bob Dylan sold the rights to his music late last year i was wondering when his music would end up on TV commercials, well i saw one today for a camping accessories store, the song was "shelter from the storm".
"I have worked with several managers over the years and have had respect for them all except one. Tom Parker was the most egotistical, obnoxious human being I've ever had dealings with."  Hank Snow.


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