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Vintage Music Reviews
I was given a pile of magazines from the mid 60’s – so interesting to flip through! There’s a page in Woman’s Mirror devoted to ratings of Film/TV programmes and LP’s. The first one I opened (17 December 1966) had this pithy offering from one Adrian Mitchell …  

Baldry turns balladier
Side one of Long John Baldry’s Looking At Long John (United Artists ULP 1146) seems to represent an attempt by a good rhythm and blues singer to prove that he can get away with ballads.
I wish he hadn’t thought it necessary. Long John’s a valuable singer to have around, with a clean, warm high register and plenty of strength for the low notes too. He deserves tougher material.
Side two, on which the songs and arrangements have a more powerful pulse, is the side to hear. But I hope Long John’s next LP gives him a smaller, more riotous backing to suit his hefty blues talent.
Best track: “Ain’t Nothing You Can Do”
Orchestration: big, including inefficient girl’s chorus
Dance rating: side two is all right.
Ideal buyer: likes compromise

Having listened to most of said album, I would not disagree with Mr Mitchell! I am best acquainted with Baldry's 1971 redemption album It Ain't Easy which is a whole lot beefier ... 

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
I was given a pile of magazines from the mid 70’s - I have never been the same ever since....
Without loyalty to tribe, church, flag or ideal, there would be no wars - Arthur Koestler
I was given a dose of disco in the 80's
I swiftly fast forwarded to the next decade


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