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my christmas haul of music
i ended up with a decent music haul this Christmas but not gift cards.
some interesting selections this year

[Image: 220px-Creation_by_Archie_Roach.jpg]

ARCHIE ROACH  "creation"
an Australian Indigenous singer/songwriter.
this 4cd box set contains his first four studio albums.
the guy has a calming voice when he sings and really does sing from his soul.
i am familiar with some of his music but have never heard an album so this is something im looking forward to hearing.

[Image: s-l300.webp]

LEONARD COHEN  "the complete studio albums collection"
originally released in 2011 but updated a year ago to include his final two studio albums...
so, a 15cd box set, which completes my collection of which i only had 5 albums of his plus a couple of compilations...
looking forward to listening to the albums i am not familiar with

[Image: 220px-Beatles19671970.jpg]

THE BEATLES  "1967-1970" aka "the blue album"
the new remastered version released a couple of months ago..
contains 3 LP's as opposed to the original release from the mid 1970s which was double vinyl.
this one contains a further 10 tracks plus that new "now and then" song.
not a fan of that new song but it does keep my collection of 'official' Beatles recordings complete.
They were big in the 70s....for five minutes,on a Saturday,after lunch..."  -  Me 2014.


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