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Greatest Frontmen In Rock
Music Head Wrote:I don't even know how they can call Elvis Presley the front man for a band. He was the band. That's no different than calling Elton John or Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen a front man.

It's like the Rolling Stone lists: great ideas for fun, but they never seem to get it right.

David Lee Roth at #4? He shouldn't even be on the list. Gene Simmons? Kiss doesn't have a front man.

I agree with some of the others: Plant should have been on the list, though he kind of shared the stage with Page.
Maybe not the greatest compared to all the guys all have mentioned..

But Jacob Dylan is an amazing frontman.. he is also a great songwriter & a singer.. I am sure Bob Dylan is proud.
i guess it depends on if you're judging sheer talent or if you're going by what everyone has told you... Because technically Freddie Mercury wins in a landslide. He had the voice, the charisma, he worked the crowd, he is the face of queen. No one will EVER be quite like him, and no one ever has.
writehearnow Wrote:Although I am not a big "front man" kind of listener, I would certainly agree with the Cooper & Elvis choices. Maybe Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis as well. Some other "iconic" type front men might include:

Rob Halford
Steven Tyler
Robert Plant
Bon Scott/Angus Young
Bob Seger
Peter Wolf

& many more I'm certain.

Robert Plant, for sure! You simply can't discuss great front men without naming him as the #1. Different class. - Test your music knowledge!
The Beatles had two frontmen so I'll go with Freddie Mercury and I agree that Elvis cannot be described as a frontman....he was a solo artist!!!!!
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
Freddie wins hands down.
Somewhere between right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there - Rumi
Queen's performance at Live Aid was without doubt the greatest live gig of all time bar none IMO and the way Freddie had a packed Wembley Arena crowd in the palm of his hands was unlike anything i have ever seen live or on TV.
every other artist who performed there were not even in the same league.

so for that one performance alone i agree that Freddie Mercury has to be #1.
They were big in the 70s....for five minutes,on a Saturday,after lunch..."  -  Me 2014.

This chat leads me to what might be a good question. Who is considered the leader of the Eagles? I pick Don Henley.

God bless you and him and the other remaining members of the act always!!!

Listen to my most favorite singer here sometime, James Otto that is!
Don Henley - without a doubt.
Somewhere between right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there - Rumi
its really strange how when i listen to The Eagles i hear them as "the eagles" the same as Queen being 'queen'

to clarify further,
i see Beatles songs as songs by each member regardless of them being a 'complete unit' when working together
They were big in the 70s....for five minutes,on a Saturday,after lunch..."  -  Me 2014.


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