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"Secret" Tracks
Just a quick rant:

Why do they still include secret tracks on CDs, with the medium being nearly 30 years old ??

If the intention is for listeners to believe the disc has finished, and then be shocked when music comes blaring out after a couple of minutes, then well done, but hasn't the joke worn thin by now ??

If it's purely to include an extra track for my delectation, then please don't leave a 2 minute break before I can hear it !!


I hate 'em


I think it's mindblowing when one day you forget to press the "stop" button of the cd player and, as a result, find a whole new song from a cd you have been listening to for two years. This happened to me and gee, wasn't I happy and surprised! =)
Really ??

I can't think of one example when a hidden track has been any more than some self indulgent tuneless crap...
Well, I have to admit that this hidden track (number thirteen on Queen's Made in Heaven ) isn't a proper song-like thing, but has been made basing quite well on the style of the album, and to my ear there is a slight logic in the track too, although some might say it's just romantic crap said by an over enthusiastic fan...
To me the song is, anyway, relaxing and somehow very soothing, yet a bit spooky at some parts. I get little goosebumps every time I listen to it.

The track is quite special also because it's the only hidden one on numerous Queen albums (as far as I know) and the album is their last studio album with all of the members on it, although some of the songs were recorded after Freddie Mercury's death (the album was released in '95). Perhaps therefore the track has been an object of even quite deep analyzing amongst some fans and seems to be quite meaningful to some of them.

Well, enough said I guess. I didn't come here to bore you people with a neverending babble... but just wanted to give another way to view on hidden tracks. =)
I don't know the stories behind the "secrets" hidden on other bands and artists' albums but I'm actually quite interested about the phenomenon, if you can call it that way.
Fair enough if you've found one you like, but my experience of them is wholly negative.

I don't know of songs hidden on other artist's discs. Anyone else ??
Tool- The Gaping Lotus Experience on Opiate
What are some examples of recent CDs with hidden songs? I didn't know this is still being done.
In my cd collection, a lot have this hidden track joke. Even a soundtrack! The movie Lost in Translation have a song hidden several minutes after the last song.

I don't remember what was the last album that was containing a hidden track, but recently, not. But I don't have any doubt that this is done even today!

The main problem I see with this is that it spoil a random/shuffle listen of the CD. It also spoil a rip you do of your cd, the last track ending up 16 minutes long with 10 minutes silence in between the tracks. Even worse, for example the Marilyn Manson album Antichrist Superstar consist of 99 tracks: after track 16, it's only 4 seconds silence tracks until the track 99 that is the long awaited hidden track.

Maybe on the first listen it's kind of funny (but in fact, it's not funny at all), but the rest of your life you'll have to deal with this shit on your CD.

Nobody should have done this in the first place, as it have no other purpose than sucking every time you listen to the album.

Mike Oldfield, after more than 23 albums, never did this. I like to think that he understood the meaningless of such doing.
Yea, I remember that Marilyn Manson one.

Got to be the stupidest ever.


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