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I need help! :)
I really need some help. a few months ago I saw a good version of the song "empire state of mind" on youtube. alicia keys and jay z were performing it live somewhere (probably new york). but unfortunately the video isn't available in my country anymore. if I could somehow get the URL of this video, it would be amazing, cause then I can download it. so if anybody has some spare time, maybe he/she can look it up for me? [Image: smile.gif]
the title of the video is "Alicia Keys w/ Jay-Z "Empire State of Mind" Live! on YouTube". the user who posted this video is aliciakeysSME. the preview picture shows alicia keys sitting behind the piano with a microphone in front of her face.

Just go to google and search free download + name title of the song and the search engine would give you the information that you need.
I always thought the title of this song was just a ripoff of Billy Joel's 'New York State of Mind'. And 'Empire State of Mind' is a crap title to say the least. Does not even make any sense.
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