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Ben Taylor - Listening
online listen
didn't know who this was till now
see, I'm always learning something new
not the smoothness of daddy's voice
Jack Johnson certainly comes to mind
a little more versatilty than Jacks work
nothing stands out and misses the list
1.5 from me and a converted 2.2 from the pros at allmusic

from the album - Oh Brother

released August 14th, 2012

[Image: 41dmgvZ90hL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

Bio - from allmusic

As the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon, Ben Taylor was born into a musical world with much promise. His older
sister, Sally Taylor, found her niche in the industry early on, but the younger Taylor never sought to follow the
footsteps of his famous parents. His childhood might have been surrounded by recording sessions and tours across the
world, but initially it wasn't in Taylor's mind to become a singer.

Taylor was raised in Manhattan and spent time in various private schools before leaving them behind in ninth grade.
By then, he'd taught himself how to play guitar, but traveling the world and connecting with nature were Taylor's
passion. Trips across Asia and Europe opened his eyes to Earth's greatest wonders, leading him to think he might
like to be a gardener or a farmer. Still, he had his hand in a few musical makings. Before he turned 20, Taylor's
cover of the Beatles' "I Will" landed on the soundtrack to a domestic comedy featuring Paul Reiser, Bye Bye, Love.
He eventually recorded an album for Epic's label the Work Group, but it folded shortly after Taylor inked his
contract. He was left feeling disenchanted, unsure of what he wanted to do with his life because he still wasn't
convinced music was for him. Taylor would soon come to realize that music was the only career he'd understand.

A trip to the Caribbean gave him the push he'd been wanting for so long. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a headful
of songs, Taylor shaped himself into the natural singer/songwriter his parents knew he'd become. While visiting Los
Angeles in late 2001, he befriended drummer Larry Ciancia (Fiona Apple, Everlast) and a musical bond was formed.
Fellow musicians Adam MacDougall, Rick Musallam, and Joe Dunne joined them weeks later and the Ben Taylor Band was
born; Taylor had gone from a shy, reserved teenager to a brave, confident young man and artist. the Ben Taylor Band
signed a deal with WEA's Iris Records after Green Dragon, Name a Fox was virtually unnoticed after its 2002 release
on Epic. In February 2003, the Ben Taylor Band issued Famous Among the Barns and jumped on tour with folk darling
Dar Williams. Taylor tapped actor/musician Kevin Bacon to produce his third outing, the sure-footed and engaging
Another Run Around the Sun, followed by a string of EPs. In 2008, he released a new full-length, The Legend of Kung
Folk, Pt. 1, followed by Listening in 2012.

Album Review - from allmusic

Listening, the fourth full-length studio album from singer/songwriter/actor Ben Taylor, the son of Rock & Roll Hall
of Famer James Taylor and multiple Grammy Award-winner Carly Simon, is also his first for a record label. Written
and recorded over a four-year span, the 11 tracks run the gamut from quiet, introspective folk ("Listening") and
shimmery, gospel-infused Americana ("Next Time Around") to soulful, late-night blues rock ("Oh Brother") and breezy,
west coast country-pop ("Giulia"). Held together by Taylor's deep, expressive voice and deceptively simple guitar
playing, Listening feels less like an amalgamation of styles and more like a guided tour through the genres that
have inspired the self-described "kung folk" artist (he has extensive training in multiple martial arts) over the
years. Polished but retaining the weathered edges of someone who has spent their career employing a fairly strict,
D.I.Y. set of studio ethics, the album plays by its own set of rules within an already established game -- the
tuneful title cut is clearly the work of the son of James Taylor, while the sleek, trip-hoppy "America" reflects a
more urban, less urbane perspective of the world. That said, incorporating reggae ("You Could Be Mine") and hip-hop
("Dirty") into an already busy cocktail can be a bit jarring, even for fans of the increasingly cosmopolitan world
of commercial folk-pop (Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson), but Taylor's laid-back delivery, everyman lyrics,
and familiar melodies lend each stylistic digression an air of unpretentiousness that eventually wins the listener

Track Listing

1. Listening
2. Oh Brother
3. Not Alone
4. Giulia
5. Worlds Are Made of Paper
6. Vespa's Song
7. America
8. Dirty
9. Burning Bridges
10. You Could Be Mine
11. Next Time Around
Jack johnson does spring to mind immediately...not a bad track, could grow on me possibly
“Sgt Pepper did its thing it was the album of the decade, maybe the Century. 
It was innovative with great songs, I’m glad I was on it but the ‘White’ album ended up a better album for me.” Ringo Starr

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